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Natural Pet Foods
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Natural Pet Foods
Quality Supplements & Wellness Products for People and Pets

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Products We Carry for Pets!
  1. Quality Dog and Cat Food
    You will find some of the highest rated natural Dog and Cat Foods. Companies with a conscious and that use quality ingredients because you should feel good about what you feed your pets. We believe in the importance of good nutrition for our pets longevity. Some of the Quality dry lines we stock are: Acana and Orijen Annemaet RAWZ Open Farm Earthborn Holistic Holistic Select FirstMate Stella & Chew's Natural Instinct FROMM Canidae Zignature Taste of the Wild Wellness WERUVA Pet Kind and more coming! Plus we have a large supply of cans too. Merricks Eagle Pack
  2. Raw, Dehydrated & Freeze Dried Food
    We also carry a wide variety of frozen food and bones, dehydrated and freeze-dried foods. The benefits are endless for the sole nutrition or just as a supplement to a high quality kibble. Pet owners have found the benefits of these foods for digestive concerns, allergies, skin health, inflammatory conditions and much more. Come see the high quality products we carry. Some companies include: Stella and Chewy's Honest Kitchen Primal Vital Essentials & Tuckers
  3. Pet Supplements and Wellness Supplies
    As an Integrative and Functional Nutritionist, I use supplements with my clients. I have also used them with my animals and have seen the benefits. I carry a wide variety of trusted supplements from the highest quality fish oil and glucosamine to herbals and homeopathics for your pets. We love our pets so much! That is why you will other wellness supplies like special oitments, shampoos, sprays to make your pooch smell good, flea products, medical collars, pill poppers, special harnesses, oral care supplies and much more...
  4. Cool Pet Supplies
    At Man and Beast you will always find something really cool! I pride myself in carrying pet supplies that you won't find in most big box other pet stores. You will find a wide variety of leashes, collars, harness, packs, coats, socks, bowls and much more. There is also a variety of training harnesses and supplies like clickers, no pull harnesses, safety gear like reflective lights, collars, leashes and vests! Take a look around for something cool!
  5. Lots of Treats and things to CHEW!
    One way we show love to our pets is giving them treats- but have you heard the saying- "kill them with kindness?" Giving our pets high quality treats with ingredients we can trust is a way to love them and keep them healthy. Find all the cool treats that Man and Beast has to offer your pets! Lots of choices of Grain Free biscuits, allergy friendly treats made from dehydrated and freeze- dried proteins, jerky's, antlers & bones. There is something for all dogs and all degrees of chewers!
  6. Lots of Toys!
    Man and Beast prides itself and finding the best products for you and pets. Check out the wall of toys made in the USA only!We may not have some of the most popular toys because most are made in china using plastics from china. Man and Beast offers a varity of choices supporting companies that choose USA Made Toys Only!
  7. Gifts Pet lovers!
    We are more than a store for just Pets! man and Beast is a store for Pet Lovers too! If you have Pet Loving Friend check out our supply of Doormats, Rescue Jewelry, Cups. Mugs, Cutting Boards, T-shirts, Signs, Pictures Frames, Candles & so much more................................
  8. Special Pet Food Formula's for Pets with Problems
    Man and Beast is owned and Operated by Sabine Weber, MS, RDN, CDN, CFSP, Integrative and Functional Nutritionist/ Dietitian. Sabine is a people nutritionist and therefore has a carries her supplement lines for her clients but also carries professional high Quality Supplements, herbals and Homeopathic Remedies for pets. We find that people who are interested in natural approaches to their own health are also interested in these approaches for their pets! Come check out the fantastic variety.

1. We are updating are customer service programs and will be offering even more Frequent Buyer Program Deals!
2. We are Expanding so we can carry more products for you! Updates comming soon!


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